Our Clients Are Part Of Our Beyond Video Family

At Beyond Video we love when our clients become part of our family and we become a part of theirs too. From anniversary parties to training videos and now a celebration of life tree planting ceremony we’ve captured it all for them.

Tree Planting Ceremony Celebration of Life DVD Video

Celebrations of Life

Getting ready to film siblings comments and well wishes.

There are all kinds of celebrations of life events during a person’s life. Starting with the birth and celebrating birthdays and anniversaries. There are celebrations for graduations, retirements, weddings and memorial services.

This past week we filmed a one year’s old party. We filmed the cake cutting and hitting the pinata. The highlight was getting comments, well wishes and words of wisdom from family and friends.

What a keepsake for when the baby becomes an adult and is able to watch and see how much he is loved and cared for!

Here are some of the celebrations of life videos Beyond Video has created.

Creating Photo and Video Montages

Creating video montages

Clients come to us to create photo montages for a variety of reasons.  The most typical montages would be for a graduation,  growing up montage to show at a wedding reception or even a montage to play at a celebration of life for a funeral or memorial service.  Video montages have become very popular recently since it’s so easy to take video with your cell phone.  One project that really touched our hearts was when someone came with video messages that were sent to her from friends and family.  She wanted us to create a video montage of all the messages so she could surprise her husband.  She threw a surprise party for her husband who was donating a kidney to his sister.   You’ve got to see the video and read the story and click on the link to see what we mean.

Click on the photo to see some samples of our montages.

Here’s an email that I got from a client after delivering the montage.

“This e mail is to thank you for the excellent service you and your husband have provided.

I came to you with a bunch of photos in the hope of preparing a visual with audio, to honor the passing of my wife.  Your comments and thoughts were of tremendous assistance in allowing me to work with you in developing this tribute.  The end result was well done, properly edited, and presented with great thought and skill.  It was comforting to work with you and I am more than pleased with the end result.”

Photo Montage

Photo Montage









Whether you want to provide us with photos and or video clips,

we can create an eye popping montage for you.  Contact us today for your complimentary consultation.


Reflecting Back on the Services We Provide

In the 16 years that Beyond Video has been in business we have filmed a variety of projects.  In addition to weddings we’ve filmed celebrations of life, funeral and memorial services.  We’ve also enjoyed working with businesses and non profit organizations

I was interviewed by a student, Kasandra, about our business.  This came at a perfect time since we’ve been thinking about the types of services we provide and what direction we want to take our business.  Many of the questions Kasandra asked helped me reflect  on our business and what was important to us.

We decided we want to focus more on working with businesses and non profit organizations that want to share their stories through testimonial videos and promotional videos  for social media and their websites.  We’ll continue filming celebrations of life events as well.


Here are some excerpts from Kasandra’s report.

“I asked what kind of video productions Annyce and her husband specialized in. She listed weddings first, but added that her and her husband’s main emphasis was really on working with small businesses and nonprofit organizations. She then listed the other productions her and her husband dealt with, which included: Celebration of Life, Anniversaries, and Retirement.”

Capturing memories working with businesses

“I then asked a question that would prove to be a ‘tough one’. “How many videos did Beyond Video make per month?” After a pause, Annyce explained that process of video production could take up to several months from beginning to end—not to mention the amount of time it would take to meet with the client and discuss all that would be included in the video. Though Annyce explained how there can be a flux in production at times, she did manage to give me an estimated average of two videos a month! I was impressed.”

“I then asked my final question, how did Annyce measure the success of a video? (Annyce really enjoyed answering this one). She first explained that it all depended on the type of project/video that was being produced. If it was a wedding video, it was easy to decide if it was good or not. The key, she explained, was whether the video “Hits you emotionally; if it makes you cry, laugh, makes you question, or makes you want to view more of it.” That was one way she put it. The second dealt more with the client and what they wanted from the video. She explained that she not only studied the video and how it made her react emotionally, but she also explained that she kept the client in mind; what they expect for the final product. And for her and her husband to go beyond that; to go beyond their expectations.”

As our business moves forward we want to devote more of our time to promoting businesses, creating educational and training videos and in capturing celebrations of life be it an anniversary, birthday, reunion, funeral, or a memorial celebration.

What Has Beyond Video Been Up To!

On this new blog site I hope to share what projects Beyond Video has been working on,  share tips and ideas as well as get your ideas and suggestions on what you’d like to read about.

Here are some of the projects that we’ve been working on with businesses.  Our major focus and direction we want to continue to take is to work with  Businesses and non profit organizations.  We want to continue to create promotional videos, training videos, educational videos and testimonial videos for these organizations.  We also want to continue to capture celebrations of life and special events.

Educational Video for a Non-profit Organizaton
Educational Video for a Non-profit Organization

Promotional Video for a Tucson Store
Promotional Video for a Tucson Store

Informational Video for a Law Firm
Informational Video for a Law Firm







Here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come in future blog posts.

We want to welcome Kasandra to our Beyond Video family.   Kasandra is a student who interviewed me about our company.  She had such great questions and insights that I thought it would interesting to share her perspective of our business.  I’ll be writing my next post about the interview and Kasandra’s perceptions about our company Beyond Video.



This year we’ve been documenting the Rainbow House at Habitat for Humanity Tucson.  Tons of information about this project.  Here’s a link about the build.

Rainbow Build at Habitat for Humanity Tucson


If this looks interesting to you, please sign up for our blog.  Let me know what you’d like to read about.