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January 4, 2018 is National Trivia Day in the United States


Trivia Questions from Beyond Video
Beyond Video Trivia


Since today is National Trivia Day we at Beyond Video  thought we’d  share some trivia with you.  The trivia is about Beyond Video and some Japanese trivia items.  Since this is a trivial game, please give yourself a pat on the back for every correct answer.  First prize in this trivia contest is a hearty congratulations from the staff at Beyond Video.  We  hope you have some fun and add to your vast store of trivia knowledge.


Every April , Beyond Video attends the NAB Conference.  What do the letters NAB stand for?   When was NAB founded?

Last year, Beyond Video made a video for a donut shop in Tucson that has gone viral with nearly 200,000 views.  What is the name of that shop?

What year did Beyond Video get its business license?

Beyond Video has filmed various projects for SAAF and TIHAN.  What do those letters SAAF and TIHAN stand for?

Beyond Video joined an organization called TAVA.   What was TAVA?

In 2017, Beyond Video helped Habitat For Humanity in building a house in Tucson.  What was the name of that house building project?


Japanese Trivia:

In the US, the letters AV generally mean audio video.  In Japan, the letters AV have a completely different meaning.  What is it?

If you receive something at a Japanese business and the owner says it is “Service”.  How much does it cost?

If you buy a “Free Size” shirt, what size is the shirt?

What Japanese coin is considered “good luck”?

If you can answer the Beyond Video questions, you are spending too much time following Beyond Video.  If you can answer the Japanese questions, you either lived in Japan or you married a Japanese person.  If you can answer all of these trivia questions, you are a phenomenal trivia player who has spent too much time on trivia.

Get out there and make your own trivia!

Well Done

Well Done

Creating Photo and Video Montages

Creating video montages

Clients come to us to create photo montages for a variety of reasons.  The most typical montages would be for a graduation,  growing up montage to show at a wedding reception or even a montage to play at a celebration of life for a funeral or memorial service.  Video montages have become very popular recently since it’s so easy to take video with your cell phone.  One project that really touched our hearts was when someone came with video messages that were sent to her from friends and family.  She wanted us to create a video montage of all the messages so she could surprise her husband.  She threw a surprise party for her husband who was donating a kidney to his sister.   You’ve got to see the video and read the story and click on the link to see what we mean.

Click on the photo to see some samples of our montages.

Here’s an email that I got from a client after delivering the montage.

“This e mail is to thank you for the excellent service you and your husband have provided.

I came to you with a bunch of photos in the hope of preparing a visual with audio, to honor the passing of my wife.  Your comments and thoughts were of tremendous assistance in allowing me to work with you in developing this tribute.  The end result was well done, properly edited, and presented with great thought and skill.  It was comforting to work with you and I am more than pleased with the end result.”

Photo Montage

Photo Montage









Whether you want to provide us with photos and or video clips,

we can create an eye popping montage for you.  Contact us today for your complimentary consultation.


Well Done

Spiffies Promotional Videos for Use With Young Children

Pediatrician Dr. Ray Wagner Develops Unique, Life-Sustaining, Cavity-Fighting Mouth Wipe

Beyond Video filmed 2 promotional videos for Spiffies to help share what Spiffies products are and how to use the wipes and toothpaste gel with young children.  We had so many excited participants children included as you’ll see in the videos.

The children were so eager to show how they brush their teeth that it made our job of getting the right shots and angles so much easier.  How can you not love these kids!


Learn more about these products in the short INTRODUCTION VIDEO and HOW TO VIDEO .

Click to view introduction video
Click on the photo to view Introduction video.
Click to view how to video
Click on the photo to view the How To video.


For more information about Spiffies go to their website.



filmed and edited by Beyond Video